Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Church Documents Table of Contents

This is the base page for my Church Documents project, a collection of links to English translations of Church documents on-line. I have grouped them by subject, and they are in chronological order within each section. The singular pages are more detailed divisions of each subject. At the bottom is the original Index of links. If you have any comments about the project (dead links, missing links, more links to add, anything else), feel free to leave a comment in the comment box, or send me an e-mail. My main sources can be found at the bottom of the Index.

  • Canon Law (Codes; Related Documents)
  • Church Councils (Councils: The First Seven Ecumenical Councils, The Other Ecumenical Councils, Local Councils; Documents on Councils: Vatican II)
  • Deposit of Faith/Christian Thought (Catechisms; Christian Thought; Heresies/Heterodox; Other; Teachings of the Faith)
  • Eastern Christianity (Common Declarations; General; Rites/Churches)
  • Ecclesiology/Priesthood (Ecclesiology; Ecumenism (Non-Eastern); Laity; Missions; Papacy; Priesthood/Clergy: Bishops, Deacons, Priests) 
  • Education/Catechesis (Catechesis/Evangelization; Education: Catholic Education, Clerical Education/Formation; Specific: National, Schools)
  • Freemasonry/Secret Societies (Freemasonry; Other Secret Societies)
  • Holy Spirit
  • Holy Years (Holy Years; Jubilees: Great Jubilee of 2000)
  • Jesus Christ (Devotions: Sacred Heart; Other)
  • Mary (Dogmas: Assumption, Immaculate Conception; Other; The Rosary)
  • Miscellaneous (Miscellaneous)
  • Morality (Bioethics; Christian Life: Fasting/Penance; Other; Sexual Ethics)
  • National Churches (Africa; Asia/Oceania; Europe/British Isles; North, Central, and South America)
  • Religious Life/Consecrated Life (General; Orders: Franciscans: First Order, Second Order, Third Order; Regions)
  • Saints/Blesseds (Norms/Process: Canonizations, Beatifications; Reflections: Declaring Doctors of the Church, Patronages, St. Joseph; Other)
  • Sacraments (General; Anointing of the Sick/Unction; Baptism; Confession/Reconciliation/Penance; Eucharist/Liturgy; Holy Orders; Marriage/Matrimony)
  • Scripture (Scripture: From Appendix A -- Pontifical Biblical Commission)
  • Social Doctrine (General: Economics, Marginalized, Peace, Politics, Society/General; Specific/National)
  • Technology
  • Vatican Organizations (Roman Curia: Pontifical Councils/Commissions; Other)
  • Appendix A: Pontifical Councils and Commissions (International Theological Commission; Other Councils and Commissions; Pontifical Biblical Commission; Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei; Pontifical Council for the Family; Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace (Iustitia et Pax); Pontifical Council for Social Communications) 
  • Appendix B: United States Documents (Early Documents (1789-1966); National Conference of Catholic Bishops (1966-2001); United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (2001-present))
  • Index

St. Isidore of Seville, author of the Etymologiae, the first Christian encyclopedia, pray for us!

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