Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pope Francis' Words to the Faithful in the Plaza de Mayo

Because I want to use what skills I have to help others, I decided to translate the words Pope Francis sent to the faithful gathered in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires today, watching his inaugural Mass.  The Spanish can be found here.

"Dear children, I know that you are in the plaza.  I know that you are praying and making prayers, I need them much.  It is so beautiful to pray.  Thank you for that.

I want to ask you a favor.  I want to ask you that we all walk together, that we protect one another, protect each other, do not harm each other, protect, protect the life of one another.  Protect the family, protect nature, protect the children, protect the elderly; that there not be hate, that there not be fighting, leave to the side envy, do not bad-mouth anyone [Trans: the phrase the Pope uses is a colloquial one, literally meaning "do not take the leather to anyone"].  Dialogue, that among yourselves the desire to protect will live.

That the heart will be growing go closer to God.  God is good, He always pardons, He understands, do not have fear; He is Father, go closer to Him.  That the virgin bless you much, do not forget this bishop who is far away but loves you much.  Pray for me."

[One grammar construction gave me some difficulties, because, from what I know, it can be either "that such-and-such happen" or "may such-and-such happen."  I went with the former translation, but that may be incorrect.]

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