Monday, July 18, 2011

The τελος of This Blog

My goal in this post is to explain why I created this blog, to explain the τελος (end or purpose) of it. To be honest, I am not wholly certain what that is yet. My original impetus was to have a place to post translations I am slowly working on of the works of Fray Luis de León, a 16th-century Augustinian friar, from Spanish into English. That's not enough to keep this blog going, though (especially since there's a good chance I will run out of steam on this project or become too busy to complete it). The name of the blog is "Treasures of the Church" in Greek (Greek is one of the original languages of the Church, and I have just recently starting learning it, hence why the title is in Greek). This is my goal, in a nutshell: to reveal the little-known treasures of the Church. The thing is, I do not consider myself an authority on these treasures: instead, I am just encountering them myself. More truthfully, then, this blog is documenting my journey of exploring the countless gems that can be found throughout the Church's long, long history. In the process of documenting, I am allowing others to join me in this journey. I don't know what I'll find: maybe most of what at first appear to be gems end up being merely fool's gold; hopefully, some will turn out to be true treasures. For instance, I have not read the works I am translating by Luis de León; I am reading them for the first time as I translate them. My goal in that is to make them more accessible to others: only his poems and his work The Names of Christ are in English translation, while the rest remain in medieval Spanish. Though I am by no means an expert (I am working on a minor in Spanish), and my translations will be nowhere close to marketable, my goal is to make at least the general outline of his works available to non-Spanish speakers. As I stated, that may never come to pass, but I will post whatever progress I make.
In the end, then, my purpose in this blog is to document my journey through the boundless annals of Catholic spirituality, and hopefully I will find some gems along the way to share with others.

May the God the Father, Christ His only Son, and the Holy Spirit bless this endeavor, and may St. Joseph pray for me.

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